Video Games in Korea: A (culturally) Shocking insight by the Super Mario Bros. – Assessment

As society matures with technology, gaming is becoming increasingly accepted around the world as a social norm, particularity among adolescence. I remember when my brother and I were growing up, we would spend countless hours sitting in front of screens and playing through all the staples of the time. We would play so much that our parents had to literally pry the controllers from our hands to get us to stop. I was basically this kid. As we were of the first major gaming generation, our parents and others alike could only look on as they’re children became obsessed with things that for all they knew, could have hugely adverse effects on development 

Thankfully we know now that games can be a healthy outlet. And while this acceptance of gaming culture is still in its infancy in the western world, it is in full force in South Korea. A large part of social activity, interactions and culture is based around playing video games. Rather than being labelled a nerd or geek, talented gamers are given high status among their peers. Thus, many have clutched for the brass rings not only to gain praise from peers, but celebrity status (believe it or not) and multimillion dollar endorsement deals Image result for super mario bros coinImage result for super mario bros coinImage result for super mario bros coin.

SKT T1 Season 3 LoL World Champs
SK Telecom (League of Legends team) after winning World Championship 2013

For some, this may be a confronting part of Korean culture to indulge. But as a smart traveler, you and I can ease the confusion first and foremost by playing more video games! Understand where your fellow human’s passion is coming from! Maybe it is only a matter of time before the culture confusion of a westerner peering into this paradigm fades. As gaming culture slowly gains traction in the Western World, who knowsImage result for super mario bros question mark gif Maybe things will shift in the direction of our Korean counterparts.

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